Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Arte Italica Animale Liqueur Glasses

Sophisticated whimsy is perfectly portrayed in these Animale glasses, which were inspired by pewter cups used to celebrate the hunt in ages passed. The base features an animal which stands proudly while not in use and sits securely to hold a favorite cocktail. Italian glass and pewter. Handmade in Italy. Hand wash only. Each measures 3"D X 3.25"H, 2-OZ. Set includes two of the same animal.


Items Available Price Quantity
Arte Italica Ram Liqueur Glass
ANI7167RM Item ( 3"D X 3.25"H, 2-OZ)
Arte Italica Boar Liqueur Glass
ANI7165BO Item (3"D X 3.25"H, 2-OZ)
Arte Italica Stag Liqueur Glass
ANI7164DR Item (3"D X 3.25"H, 2-OZ)
Arte Italica Goat Liqueur Glass
ANI7162GT Item (3"D X 3.25"H, 2-OZ)