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Boxwood Double Ball Topiary, 11"

New Growth Designs faux boxwood double-ball topiary has two 11" balls fastened to a lifelike trunk, potted in a 10" dia. x 9" ht. mache nursery pot. The trunk is stabilized with a natural bamboo stake, and each ball has a wire support sphere inside. Mount in your own planter, or one of our outdoor fiberglass planters. Enduraleaf greenery is made of recyclable LDPE (Low-density polyethylene). This topiary looks real, but never needs watering or trimming! Enduraleaf Boxwood greenery will last for up to 10 years - perfect for commercial locations, second homes, any outdoor space with difficult growing conditions.
  • Boxwood ball is 11"Dia.
  • Mache nursey pot is 10"Dia x 9"H.
  • Overall dimensions are 11"Dia x 50"H.
  • Enduraleaf LDPE polymer is UV rated for up to 10 years.


Price - $595.00