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Cricket Forge Butterfly Bench

Watch your garden grow from the wings of a butterfly. In four comfortable sizes, our butterfly bench is made of steel with a galvanized zinc and epoxy finish. USA made. Child bench, 36″W x 18″D x 33"T. Small bench, 58"W x 36"D x 46"T. Medium bench, 74"W x 36"D x 53"T. Large bench, 86"W x 44"D x 60"T. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


Items Available Price Quantity
Cricket Forge Child Butterfly Bench
20360 Item (36″W x 18″D x 33"T)
Cricket Forge Small Butterfly Bench
20361 Item (58"W x 46"H x 36"D)
Cricket Forge Medium Butterfly Bench
20362 Item (74"W x 53"H x 36"D)
Cricket Forge Large Butterfly Bench
23063 Item (86"W x 60"H x 44"D)