Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

New Growth Designs Tulip Vase Arrangement, Yellow

A brilliant bouquet of yellow Tulips will illuminate an interior space! This arrangement of 36 Faux Fresh Tulips blends Parrot tulips, with petals of yellow-green, and bright yellow French tulips. Each hand-crafted lifelike stem has realistic green leaves, and the green stems are fully wired, so you can add your individual touch when placing. We place each stem by hand, and add clear acrylic solution to secure the stems permanently into our heavy, mouth blown envelope oval vase. Once set, we shape the individual stems before preparing for shipment. Vase: 9"H, 8"W, 2.5"W. Overall size is 24"L x 15"D x 24"H.


Price - $795.00