Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Mariposa Bellini Stemware

Bellini is a rich line of Italian glassware to handsomely suit any taste. With unparalleled texture and clarity, bubble are suspended in glass as if fizzing forever. Pictured is Champagne Flute, Small Balloon Wine Glass, Big Red Wine Glass and Cocktail Glass. Sizes and prices shown below.


Items Available Price Quantity
Four Mariposa Bellini Champagne Flutes
590-BD Item (7"H, 10-Oz)
Four Mariposa Bellini Small Balloon Wine Glasses
596-B Item (7.75"H, 16-Oz)
Four Mariposa Bellini Big Red Wine Glasses
598-B Item (10"H, 32-Oz)
Four Mariposa Bellini Cocktail Glasses
518-BN Item (7"H, 8-Oz)