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Mariposa Confetti Drinkware

Confetti is a dazzling tricky new collection, designed expressly for fizz and euphoria. They compliment all tropical colors of green, turquoise and blue. Made from recycled glass. Mexico. Please choose DOF, Highball, Cocktail or Pitcher. Sets of four. Also available, not shown is iced tea glass!


Items Available Price Quantity
Four Mariposa Confetti Iced Tea Glasses
M385-CO Item (6.5"H- 16 oz)
$85.00 Sold out
Four Mariposa Confetti DOF Glasses
M381-CO Item (4"H-8oz)
Four Mariposa Confetti Highball Glasses
M382-CO Item (5.25"H-12 oz)
Four Mariposa Confetti Cocktail Glasses
M383-CO Item (7"H-10 oz)
$90.00 Sold out
Mariposa Confetti Pitcher
M384-CO Item (8"H x 4.75"D-56 oz)
$45.00 Sold out