Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Match Pewter Canisters

These lovely canisters are crafted from the finest pewter on the market today. Contains 95% of the highest quality tin, and absolutely no lead. Match Italian pewter is lead free and completely food safe. Canisters may be used in the kitchen to store food products or in the dining room or living room to hold flowers and by themselves. Available in 3 sizes.


Items Available Price Quantity
Match Pewter Canister, 6.3"H
MA479.0 Item (4.9"DIA X 6.3"H)
Match Pewter Canister, 7.3"H
MA480.0 Item (6.7"DIA X 7.3"H)
Match Pewter Canister, 9"H
MA481.0 Item (6.3"DIA X 9"H)