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Regina Andrew Designs Carla and James met as artists and quickly discovered that they both had an entrepreneurial ethic. They designed their first collection in 2000 out of their Wyandotte, Michigan garage. Collection includes Lamps, Chandeliers, Sconces, Tables, Accessories, Mirrors and Wall Decor

Their vision is to use glass, wood, metal, seashells and coral with crystal, brass and iron--all combined in a chic, hip and modern style to compliment aged wood and vintage leathers. They quickly discovered they had a game-changing collection of lamps and accessories with a unique approach. They naturally moved to furniture design. It was unlike anything their customers had previously seen and launched a noticeable trend in the industry.

Their philosophy? James says, “We are all collectors. Yet, our lives are always changing, so our living spaces need to continually evolve as well. It’s about evolving, updating and releasing to prepare for the new. Recreating our spaces and experimenting with collections bring balance to our changing world.”

Exceptional Lighting at Affordable Prices!

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Regina-Andrew Design