Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Vietri Optical Gold Drinkware

The Optical Gold goblets are trimmed in a delicate gilded rim, and its elegant lines bring sophistication and glamour to every table. The golden embellishment is effortlessly beautiful. Handcrafted in Naples.


Items Available Price Quantity
Optical Gold Champagne Glass
OPG-8850 Item (9.75"H, 7 oz)
Vietri Optical Gold Double Old Fashioned
OPG-8812M Item (4"H, 10 oz)
Optical Gold Water Glass
OPG-8810 Item (9.5"H, 11 oz)
Optical Gold Wine Glass
OPG-8820 Item (9"H, 9 oz)
Vietri Optical Gold High Ball
OPG-8813M Item (5.5"H, 14 oz)